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Marina Kravets: "I cheated only mathematics, physics, chemistry and physical education"

Star Comedy show spoke about his relationship with the Russian language

Last weekend, the country took part in the Grand test, test your knowledge of citizens in the Russian language. In the classroom, which hosted a Total dictation were seen, including stars of show business. However, most of them as themselves dictating. Among dictators was listed as the actor of the series"Sashatanya" Andrew Hagolan, resident Comedy Marina Kravets and other popular persons. Yesterday everyone who participated, came the results of the national test. But while the public marvels estimates, we found Mary, as in her life is the case with the Russian language.

— Marina, what are your impressions of participation in the Total dictation? Are you friends with the Russian language?

I loved to be part of the Total dictation. Debut I had that year, and the more pleasant he invited again. Of course, a little confused by the official title "dictator" Total dictation and for sure, it scares those who come to write for the first time. I know that this dictation is already writing all over Russia, Estonia, Germany and other countries. I can say that — I am a humanist, and Russian language is never long. Copied only the math. Still physics. Oh, and chemistry. Sometimes physical education. I even thought itself to write a dictation, but for the second year are from the other side of the Department. Probably would have made a few mistakes. But not the fact that the authors of the texts for the Total dictation wrote such dictations are absolutely right! Although writers are invited each time, of course, with very good language and beautiful style. During my life I have written many dictations as everyone who studied in Russian schools. Usually the evaluation was good.

— How is literacy important in your life and how you increase it?

— By profession I am a teacher of Russian language for foreigners (St. Petersburg state University, Department of RCTS). And though I haven't worked by profession, always had respect for the great and powerful, which is what all the citizens want!

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