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Paul Priluchny walks two girls visited behind the scenes of the award of film and TV producers, which was attended by many stars

The award ceremony of the Association of producers of film and television — the event is serious and responsible. But a visiting movie star immediately switched on all the media attention, generously endowing journalists grimaces and jokes. glad the mood of the stars and looked at their outfits.

Many invitees came in pairs: the performer of the title role in the TV series "Olga" Jan Troyanovo supported her husband, film Director Vasily Sigarev, Vladimir Vdovichenkov was with Elena Lyadova, and Paul Priluchny brought two girls — wife Agatha muceniece and colleague Love Aksenov. Paul, as an integral part of the team of the series "C", won the prize for the acclaimed TV show. We must admit that the mood of the actor was perfect. It is not excluded that Priluchny in anticipation of new successes, it became known that started shooting a new season of "Posh".

Павел Прилучный выгуливает двух девушек

Maria Kozhevnikova and Igor Ugolnikov shared at the ceremony, the triumph of historical film "Battalion"Gennady Avramenko

Maria Kozhevnikova in collaboration with the producer Igor Ugolnikov shared the success of the film "the Battalion". Congratulating the actress, the journalists noticed that its easy blanket coat — too warm clothes for the secular parties. What Maria said with a laugh dramatic story. It turned out that her evening gown on the way to the ceremony was the victim of a salad, so I had to dress in favorite Cape, which was lying in the trunk waiting for the dry cleaning.

Павел Прилучный выгуливает двух девушек

Larisa Udovichenko rarely gets out on social events, but if this happens, press immediately have occasions to discuss unfading elegance kinonagrady Avramenko

With kinologijos Larisa Udovichenko that the ceremony was awarded one of the prizes, nothing dramatic happened. Larissa, as always, was irresistible both on stage and beyond. For the release of the actress chose a strict jacket, under which the dress was trimmed with lace, and a hat adorned with a red flower. No photographer I could not pass.

Maria Kozhevnikov, Pavel priluchny, Agata muceniece, Igor Ugolnikov, love Aksenova, Larisa Udovichenko

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