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Star blockbuster of a novel "Inhabited island" jumped out the window

Editor Lena Lenina — the tragic fate of his friend, the talented actor Vasiliy Stepanov

Today he jumped out the window my friend Vasily Stepanov, talented and handsome actor, who played a major role in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island".

Звезда блокбастера Бондарчука «Обитаемый остров» выбросился из окна

Vasily Stepanov and Lena Liminality archive

At the beginning of this year, Bob slipped and broke his spine. And even earlier, after the overwhelming success of his film, he spent a very long time in depression and even treated her to a psychiatric hospital. After a spinal injury, he was in the hospital, and the constant state of pain made his existence unbearable. He wanted to kill himself. And went out of the window of his apartment.

Звезда блокбастера Бондарчука «Обитаемый остров» выбросился из окна

After the overwhelming success of his film Basil has long been depressed and been Frank with only a very few... personal archive

Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, he failed, and he was left to live, but very much crashed. But it is difficult to list the harm that he inflicted, it's easier to say that he is not broke.

Звезда блокбастера Бондарчука «Обитаемый остров» выбросился из окна

Vasily Stepanov rarely saw the light of day in recent years, but editor-in-chief did iscliucitelinii archive

His poor mommy! Poor his dad, Sergey, who bravely stand on their shoulders all the problems of the family! Poor his brother Maxim, who, though younger, but always cared about my brother, as a senior. And even more poor Vasya, who with unearthly beauty and a huge success, turned out to be broken collapsed on him with glory. Now he will always be disabled. His friends will try to help him and to mourn that they were not there that tragic moment when he stepped from the window. The courage of Bob and his long-suffering family!


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