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Nikita Tarasov: "Mom says it's hard for me to get married"

Exclusive: the star of the show "Kitchen" said about issues of relationships in his family

Last night at the premiere of the Russian film in one of the elite cinema was seen the star of the show "Kitchen" Nikita Tarasov, who is known to play a French pastry chef Louis. The actor was in good spirits and even spent an online stream with their fans. As it turned out, the cause vigor Nikita lay in a recent vacation, which took place on the artist. Tarasov has just returned from Riga, where he was born and where his family lives.

"I spent a wonderful three weeks with her parents in Riga. And every day, we competed in the kitchen — someone who will overfeed, who have tasty lunch, Breakfast, dinner. We prepared the national Riga, Latvian food, well, what we usually used to eat with the family.

Никита Тарасов: «Мама говорит, что мне сложно будет жениться»

Nikita Tarasov spent time with family in Риге

But my mom has long said that it's hard for me to get married because I cook well. I said, "I can't beat".

Recall that Nikita Tarasov is highly intelligent family. Mother is a engineer, and my dad is a musician so a love of art and good music Nikita inculcated from childhood.

As for the second half of the artist, then, according to rumors, he last year began an affair with actress Sofia Sinitsyna, pictures of which already walk on the Network. At what stage of relationship they are now, still a big secret to others.

Никита Тарасов: «Мама говорит, что мне сложно будет жениться»

Nikita Tarasov and Sophia Синицына

the show kitchen, Nikita Tarasov

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