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Ksenia Sobchak: "I dream about the stress, because during times of stress I lose weight"

The journalist said, who cooks in her kitchen and why her rider no expensive alcohol

The public was very amazed by the information about the rider Ksenia Sobchak, which appeared on the Internet. It outlines the requirements of a star, that arrives at a particular event. The audience, for example, was struck by culinary delights. In particular, the rider referred the rolls with hummus, salad with quinoa, white fish, cooked on the technology of sous-vide (food cooked at low temperatures), etc. Also set color tableware — white and even color tablet for speeches red. For many fans such attention to detail was not entirely clear. But managed to know why Xenia is so demanding on the details. Socialite answered relevant questions.

— Why the white dishes?

— Because its harder to wash. You must understand that the rider I have a universal, we sent all our customers in different cities, on a huge number of anniversaries, birthdays. In some cities with names you can hardly pronounce. There is a problem. So Ryder I especially difficult that people have tried and made some effort, in terms of healthy eating. We, as Yuri Antonov, do not order Hennessy XO and some other things. We have no expensive alcohol, we have a complex and healthy food, and we always try, especially when traveling, to make people observe these rules, otherwise you'll be eating only burgers and fries. Of course, you abide not always, but if you require more, you get at least something. If you don't require anything, you'll get respectively.

Ксения Собчак: «Я мечтаю о стрессах, потому что во время стрессов я худею»

Ksenia Sobchak dreams about the stress, because during them худеет

— Why the red tablet for presentations?

Because often there are Soviet blue tablets. While red do to the company, which makes blue. There is very simple logic. And if you have not set the color, then buy the cheapest blue and nasty Soviet colors.

— You have a special relationship to food and even has its own restaurant. You do know how to cook?

— I do not know how to cook. Even acinic. But I can arrange everything. My friends laugh: we have the most delicious dinner parties, and all the guests at the end every time I take some recipes, though I don't cook ever. But I know how to organize everything so that people who work for me in the restaurant, learning all the time, I'm giving them to study in culinary school. And if you especially like, I immediately take a printout of the recipes, and home for me AU pair is preparing.

— Are you clear preorganize a healthy diet. But if stressful situation, you do not want to eat, say, chocolate?

On the contrary, in times of stress I lose weight, so I dream of stress.

Ksenia Sobchak, Ryder

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