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The Calvary of the actor Vasily Stepanov — about the tragic fate of the stars on "Inhabited island"

On the one with white curls Vasily Stepanov talking exactly 10 years ago when he began shooting the film "Inhabited island" based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers. Then they all admired the whereabouts of 21-year-old boy, who was able to rise above the crowd and become a star. But after the release of the novels in 2009, Štěpánov somehow quickly forgotten. And we started talking again just last year when it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

After seven years of oblivion, remembered only by fans who were trying to find the handsome actor. As it turned out, the fate of all these years, threw him to the test. Still on the wave of popularity Vasily tried to get a TV presenter, but he didn't. He starred in several films and TV series, but then decided to leave the acting profession. While enrolled in the Shchukin school and received a diploma.

They say that the young man was oppressed by the increased attention to his person. And not only journalists and fans, but also women, most beautiful women of show business. This is not surprising because Stepanova called Russian brad pitt and predicted him a brilliant career. However, the young man dreamed of silence, it was rumored that he wanted to leave the small home — to the father in the Smolensk region.

Хождения по мукам актера Василия Степанова

Vasily Stepanov and his younger brother Максимом

The royalties from "Inhabited island" ended quickly. Invite Stepanova to the shooting ceased, as it all offers rejected. New friends lost, friends stopped calling. They say that depression in young man started because of emotional overload on the "Inhabited island". As well as quickly gone popular.

Basil is a professional athlete, candidate master of sports in hand-to-hand combat — trying to get a fitness instructor in a gym, but it was not due to the lack of the appropriate diploma. Stepanov tried to get the seller in shop of home appliances, but he refused. The authorities were afraid that the actor will approach fans for autographs and to interfere with trade. Basil didn't even get to the post courier, arguing that the artist can not fall so low. And then the star of "Inhabited island" realized that the acting profession does not let him and he should do what he studied. However, a talent Agency without explanation, refused to work with Stepanov, all the auditions he'd failed. In the result the young man needed the help of doctors to get out of depression. Relatives of a young man found an excellent specialist, but his services have built expensive — 10 thousand for the reception. In a simple family in which the father is retired, mother working as a cashier, the eldest of the sons are unemployed, and the younger, Maxim, is a realtor, to pull such treatment was not easy. And Maxim took out a loan, then the second. In order to help families to pay off debts, Stepanov got to wash trolleybuses in the fleet. And it seemed that the disease began to give way, but there was another misfortune.

Хождения по мукам актера Василия Степанова

Vasily Stepanov was friends with the editor Lena Лениной

In 2015 Basil on the left leg has a clot. He, as a former athlete, there were problems with the blood vessels. But because of the long depression, he lost track of health, as a result of a problem. Fortunately, the timely surgery saved the actor. And Stepanov, released from the hospital, along with his brother Maxim with a vengeance to start going on auditions. And soon he was invited to the series "Tankers". The actor started his microblog, which he began to communicate with fans and post photos from the shoot. He again began to resemble the pretty boy was talking about a few years ago.

But at the end of last year with the artist once again is in trouble. Basil returned from the store with Christmas gifts on the porch of the house, he slipped and fell back on the steps. The result — two broken vertebrae and hip bones. More than a month he spent in a hospital bed. About the long-awaited filming could forget. But Basil was not discouraged, joked that it is now time to read the script. And learning to walk again. The young man was supported by the friends and relatives. He was visited by reporters, and he dreamed that once again come to the set.

Хождения по мукам актера Василия Степанова

To the right of the entrance - Mestre, which dropped Vasily Stepanov, out of the window of his "Khrushchev," on Davydkovskaya street

However, what happened on the day of the accident once again pushed the dream Stepanova indefinitely. And now the actor will long-term treatment.

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