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Why Stepanov has not developed a career on TV learned how he behaved on the set show the actor, before jumping from the window of his apartment

In 2011-2012, our television went entertainment program "Long time no see!". Some time together with Olga Aroseva and Ekaterina Volkova the program was led by Vasily Stepanov, the news of the suicide attempt, which shocked the public. However, he starred in several editions. As told people present at the filming of the program, Stepanov behaved quite adequately. And not look like a schizophrenic, as all writing now. He was very quiet, even shy. I had the impression that he feels not at ease. Maybe that's why he failed to become a TV presenter. Stepanov burdened by attention and increased his interest.

Почему у Степанова не сложилась карьера на телевидении

Stepanov on the set to feel his trenkerhof

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