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Regina todorenko blabbed on two million

Leading gave press interviews in which he denounced the creators of the famous show

Leading the famous travel show "heads and tails" Regina todorenko rasskaze reporters the truth about the coveted "gold card" during a trip to Novosibirsk. The girl stressed that viewers are deceived with stories about bezogenen the financial limit of this card. It turned out that the budget of each program is strictly limited and luxurious hotel rooms are the creators of the program are rented for the duration of the filming of the story, where the presenter talks about the settlement.

General producer of the TV show Natella Krapivina, in turn, has declared to journalists that is revolted by statements of Todorenko and, moreover, they are false. Natella also raised the issue of incompetence and non-involvement in the Regina project. According to the producer, the host has no real information and is likely to speak such things for personal PR. Causing Todorenko can be fined two million rubles and may even be fired.

heads and tails, Regina todorenko

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