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The relatives of Vasiliy Stepanov: a suicide attempt was not

Exclusive chief editor Lena Lenina talked to the family of the stars of the film "Inhabited Island" and learned the shocking details of the incident

As already reported yesterday, the tragedy occurred. Vasily Stepanov, talented and handsome actor, who played a major role in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island", jumped out the window. History then began to acquire a variety of rumors.

Lena Lenina, editor one of the first went to his old friend, to find out what really happened.

"It turns out that doctors of "Ambulance" caused by the VA because of the pain, knowing it famous actor, against his own will and the wishes of his family took the artist in a psychiatric hospital where he's being held still. Maxim Stepanov, his mom and dad require strongly to bring home their brother and son. They are afraid of all sorts of experimental treatments and, most importantly, do not consider him mentally ill or schizophrenic, according to some media reports. And insist that Basil forcibly treated!

Brother Vasily Maxim says that what happened yesterday is most likely an accident than a suicide attempt, and Basil has no intention to commit suicide. Basil fell from the fifth floor, as the press writes, and from the third floor porch, slipped over the sill, due to lack of physical strength, and his only damage is a broken leg and hand that to falling from the third floor — light effects".

Now brother Basil, our editor in chief Lena Lenina and other journalists traveling to the clinic, where Vasily Stepanov held to try to resolve the issue with the return of Vasili home. There is planning to drive up and Fyodor Bondarchuk, who directed the Basil in the main Rodi of his film "Inhabited Island".

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