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Saruhanov, Bilan, Gazmanov: new images of the stars

Igor Saruhanov broke up with long hair. After that, the artist did not always know. And some of his colleagues also touched the nerves of fans with their new hairstyles

Igor Saruhanov decided to change the image to, in his words, to conform to a modern style and internal sense of time. Many fans were not ready for this change — they used to see their favorite singer with the MOP of hair in the spirit of the 80's, But the Igor retro not interested. "I have an inner sense that me 35-40 years, — said the singer — I still jump up and running on tour or shooting".

Саруханов, Билан, Газманов: новые образы звезд

Igor Saruhanov broke up with long velocimetro: Svetlana Mursi-Hums, stylist: Irina Pantaeva

The singer honestly admitted that at first felt really weird without the "tail", which over 40 years were part of his image. While Igor felt an extraordinary lightness: "Now the hair dry faster, more comfortable to sleep in flights in the airplane chair, in concert with the tail does not come off the gum. And anyway, I really liked the ease that I made the decision to lose weight and go back to her old physical form. I have managed to throw five pounds, and to stay I do not intend".

Саруханов, Билан, Газманов: новые образы звезд

Denis Dorogovato:

Participant of the show "Once in Russia" Denis Dorokhov dedicated to changing the image of the coming of spring. It turned out that change-witted planned almost five years, but did not dare, because he'd had this hair since adolescence. Besides, shoulder-length hair was part of his stage image. As a support during cutting Dorokhov chose his colleague on the show Azamat Musagalieva. And the result Denis was satisfied.

Саруханов, Билан, Газманов: новые образы звезд

Dima, Balangoda:

Dima Bilan appeared before the public cropped under zero. Anything like that singer never did and a new image Bilan has led to the astonishment of all. It later emerged that became the singer in connection with shootings in the new project. What is most interesting, the shooting ended, and the new image was Dima like. "Found the house someone left shampoo hair wash — happy!" — ironically, the singer in social networks.

By the way...

Singer Oleg Gazmanov and Garik Martirosyan have also tested the patience of fans standing before them cropped.

Саруханов, Билан, Газманов: новые образы звезд

Oleg Gazmanova:

If Oleg did this in connection with the upcoming holidays, the TV host just lost the argument.

Саруханов, Билан, Газманов: новые образы звезд

Garik, Martirosyants:

The comedian has promised that, if Manchester United beat Tottenham, it to shave my head. It happened. As a decent man, he fulfilled his promise.

Dima, Garik Martirosyan, Oleg Gazmanov, haircut, Igor Saruhanov, change of image, Denis Dorokhov

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