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8 stars who started on beauty pageants find out which celebrities competed for the titles of the first beauties and how to become a participant of the contest "Miss Russia"

Halle Berry

In the early eighties a young Halle berry, have tried their hand at modeling business, could not resist the temptation to participate in local beauty contests. And as a result, in 1985, took first place in the "Miss teen all America", and a year later won the title of "Miss Ohio." This victory allowed her to perform in the "Miss USA 1986", where she became first Vice-miss. And while the winner of the contest then represented the States at the "Miss universe" Hallie, the second spot went to "Miss world", where he took sixth place.

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Selena Homestate:

Selena Gomez

Singer Selena Gomez began to take part in beauty contests at a very early age — since the age of three. And for seven years was able to boast several winning crowns. Thanks to these competitions pretty girl noticed and invited to appear on a kids ' show and later in the series.

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Oprah, Eintritt:

Oprah Winfrey

The victory of 17-year-old Oprah Winfrey in a beauty contest "miss Black Tennessee" allowed the future star of the TV screen to the first decent work: a local radio station, she became a newsreader. A year later, Oprah participated in the contest "Miss Black America", but the crown is not received. However, most Winfrey demonstration of her beauty had ceased to be interesting: by this time she had already plunged into journalism.

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Katy Perritte:

Katy Perry

The parents of Katy Perry brought her in line, but against the participation of daughters in beauty pageants had nothing. How many were there on her account, the singer can not remember. But admits that for all time never won, almost always taking the offensive in second place.

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Britney Spearshot:

Britney Spears

The competitive spirit Britney Spears imbued from an early age: at the age of three the parents of the current pop stars were sending her to various competitions such as dance, vocal and, of course, beauty pageants. The singer admits that it mined in the childhood trophies can make the whole room.

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Eva Longeretta:

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria was born and raised in Texas Corpus Christi. And at the age of 23 years was recognized as the first beauty of the city by winning the local beauty contest. As the winner she was invited to participate in the talent show in Los Angeles. There, the girl noticed a theatrical agent, and eve decided to stay in the sunshine state and try your luck as an actress.

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Sharon Scontato:

Sharon Stone

When Sharon stone was 17, she won the title of "Miss Crawford County" Pennsylvania. This victory allowed the future actress to take part in the contest "Miss Pennsylvania". But one of the jury members advised Sharon to drop everything and go to new York to become a model. Stone did so, and soon signed his first contract fashion models.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren began to conquer the world in 1950 when, at the age of 14 years participated in the contest "Miss Italy". Crown future legend of cinema have not got, but she became one of the finalists. But exactly 60 years later Sophie, remembering her past, came personally to support participating in "Miss Italy 2010" and to share with them their beauty secrets.

8 звезд, начинавших на конкурсах красоты

Catherine Makarovitch: materials of press-services

Who can win a beauty pageant and what are the prospects of girls, who took the crown in Russia? asked for a comment to Ekaterina Makarova, PR Manager at the Directorate of the contest "Miss Russia".

— Catherine, what qualities should have a girl to get on your competition?
— The girl should be taller than 173 cm, age from 18 to 23 years with a citizenship of Russia, without harmful habits, no criminal responsibility, without tattoos. It is desirable that there be no photos and videos of an erotic nature. Unmarried, without children, so she could maintain the status of the miss. But its appearance should be attractive not only outwardly. We now annually select the 50 most beautiful girls from all over the country. And choose from these beauties one would be difficult, based only on the external parameters. So she must have charisma to her personality was that she was hardworking and kind.

— What prospects await the winner in the future?
— All depends on her. In the course of this year it has attracted the increased attention of representatives of the fashion and beauty industry, she attends social events, it becomes such a glamorous girl. But in recent years, few people want to devote all my time to only this area. Many interesting charity, and it is the desire and intention to bring good to the masses is taken into account. Many girls build a career on TV.

— Miss Russia then automatically sent to international competitions?
— The idea is that the winner must go on "Miss world" and "Miss universe". But, for example, in 2015, the contests were one day apart and we had to prepare the winner for one contest, and runner-up for another.

Regional beauties have a chance to become famous all over the country?
— Almost every major city holds its contest, and we would certainly consider them winners as potential participants. But the victory in the regional competition does not guarantee participation in our: if the girl for some parameters does not suit us, we can refuse her and take the girl, second, or third, or fifth place. Or to find in the region a different beauty. Although there are exceptions: Sonya nikitchuk, first won the "Miss Ekaterinburg", then became "Miss Russia" and then took second place at the "Miss world".

— And simply, that is, from the street you can get?
— A lot of girls find in social networking sites. They openly put up enough of beautiful, expressive pictures, and if we see one we like, we invite her to audition.

— Do you think that children's beauty pageants need to hold?
— It's all in how organized this competition. Hold a competition, stimulating the spirit of competition, in my opinion, it is appropriate in other areas, because children's psyche unprepared are unlikely to be able to perceive it. But you can hold it as a kind of entertainment for the kids, not to offend anyone and all to reward. Or even to single out one, but not to upset the other kids, and gently make it clear that someone needs to pull someone to learn to walk, someone to keep the back straight. After each mini-contest is a lot of preparation, training, girls are taught good things, they continue to come in handy.

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