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Psychic Caretta Akhmetzhanova: "Vasily Stepanov in a year will be a girl"

Finalist of "the Battle of psychics - 6" sees that the actor who was involved in a tragedy, everything will work out

Yesterday evening it was reported that Vasily Stepanov, star of the film "Inhabited island", tried to commit suicide. This story shocked everyone. Finalist show "the Battle of psychics" Caretta ahmetzhanova told how she sees the causes of the incident and fate of the actor.

"The sad incident with actor Vasiliy Stepanov has a fairly simple explanation: a large proportion of his few roles in film and theater has had a negative impact on his fate. He often played characters who fight for survival or risk of death. Actors with weak energy, such as impact very badly and change their lives, examples of this among many famous Russian and international artists. With his soul on the mental plane like playing otherworldly forces, he was in some kind of dependence on the lives of the characters in the games.

Экстрасенс Кажетта Ахметжанова: «У Василия Степанова через год появится девушка»

Caretta Akhmetzhanova'm sure Stepanova everything will be horozontally press services

Its moral status is now determined not only by the failures in his career, but also loneliness. I see that soon his life will change for the better. First, the Basil will get better very quickly, and everything that happened will give him some incentive to live on and to fight for a place under the sun. About a year in his life you see a girl, with whom he will tie a strong relationship. Between him and his beloved break out real passion, their relationship will develop rapidly. In the end, I see Basil marriage with this girl and two children.

As for a career in this area Vasily unlucky because he was trying to find a place a bit in the wrong box, unfortunately. His case will go to the mountain, but I see that it will be successful outside our country. Most likely, he will fly to play in America. After some time, the actor will receive offers on participation in two major foreign projects, he should definitely agree to make every effort for a successful result of their work, is the key to its success."

battle of psychics, Vasily Stepanov

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