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Chekhov witnessed the UFO phenomenon

The leader told the followers the history of one of the parties

Anfisa Chekhova shared with subscribers of stories of how she once saw in the sky unidentified flying object: "it was outside the city, DR celebrated the boyfriend of my friend. Food, drinks, fireworks... everything is expensive-a rich and ambitious. The cord sang, Vladimir yepifantsev, it seems, directed all the action... the camera operator was running. And when the music with the fireworks subsided, over the house, and he was standing alone in the woods, I saw something strange, glowing, oblong" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

"Hung right next to the moon, and didn't move anywhere. When everyone noticed it, and began to discuss, and the operator grabbed the camera, the UFO simply vanished into thin air. It was pretty weird and didn't really believe in the extraterrestrial origin of the object... considering all poured absinthe in unlimited quantities... But I saw that it is not So, consider that I was the only sober witness to the UFO phenomenon people)))", — said the leading.

In the next post in your Instagram Anfisa suddenly confessed: "you begin to love the Cosmonautics Day, more than 8-th of March). I recorded and sent into Space a love letter". Chekhov urged the subscribers to do likewise, and asked followers whether any of them witness the emergence of a UFO.

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