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Alexander Buinov grandson in the Suvorov military school

The actor admitted he wants to wean the baby from gadgets

Alexander Buinov rarely talks about his family, and gives interviews too. However recently, the singer has shared interesting details of the lives of their grandchildren. It turns out that the oldest members of the family thinking about how to give to the grandson, who is also named Sasha, in the Suvorov military school: the contractor wants to raise a child in the discipline and to wean from gadgets.

"I don't love electronics, gadgets and everything else. The young are very much sits. So for me the important task to grandson was physically strong. And I have a dream — to give it in Suvorov. We are preparing the documents. It will be a soldier, plus it's good training, discipline. In any Suvoroskom school good tradition. That's a great story, it leaves its mark. Plus it always will take with such a wealth of knowledge. But most importantly, he was in the Dorm, talked with the guys. He is now 12 years old, the most difficult age. I have a friend of mine his son is studying in England. He told me that they have the discipline is the same as in the Russian military school, lifting, studying, etc. Gadgets gathered on Sunday handed out to call my parents. I like this system", — explained the artist.

Александр Буйнов отдаст внука в Суворовское училище

Singer is a happy grandfather of three grandchildren: twins Sophia and Daria and heir Александра

Fans have no doubt that the grandson Buynova will be held the competition at school, because he's making progress in the sport, preferring the Brazilian dance-martial art capoeira and Sambo.

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