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Lena Lenina: "Vasily Stepanov crashed... because of the cats"

The story of the "suicide" of the hero of the film "Inhabited Island" turned out to be fiction. WomanHit editor and friend Basil found out how everything was actually

In my house live two dogs, and apparently, for this cat to get me a lifetime. Some of you old-timers remember the story about a pink cat, which I supposedly painted in pink color and supposed this poisoned, though, miraculously resurrected and visited with me on all the talk shows of the country, to prove that journalists come up with gossip. The second cat in my life happened yesterday. Her name is Simone. This gorgeous Siamese cat, beautiful color natural sable lives in the house Lyudmila Viktorovna, mother of the famous actor Vasily Stepanov and his brother Maxim.

This cat became an unwitting poltergeist, which is raging in the media of our country for three days. One unscrupulous yellow edition wrote that Stepanov tried to jump out the window and commit suicide. Fortunately, he failed. The rest of the media, even a very dear believe the "colleague" and reprinted this information. More than 200 thousand media for two days. The truth was far more banal. Imagine it turns out that Vasily Stepanov just climbed on the windowsill of the 3rd floor of her house to get escaped the Siamese cat Simon, and stumbled, slid down from the visor and fell headlong down on the lawn.

Escaped with slight shock and a broken arm and leg, he was in the hospital, where he was put in plaster and returned home the same day. The next day, pochuvstovat malaise in the chest, Bob called doctors of "ambulance". But, unfortunately, the doctor, having read the "yellow press", also believed in the version of suicide and called the psychiatric ambulance, fearing that Bob might be dangerous to himself. Poor Bob was taken away and held for 48 hours in order to make sure that he's healthy.

The banality of the situation is so big, and it would be funny if it would not be so sad...

the attempted suicide, Lena Lenina, Vasily Stepanov

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