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Candid outfit of Olga Buzova allowed fans to appreciate her figure from all sides

During the filming of the new clip, the aspiring singer "accidentally" bared his chest

Olga Buzova stubbornly continues to take the musical Olympus, and oddly enough, she manages. Her songs occupy the top ranks of rotations. To achieve the goal, all means are good, so His partner took the rising star Nastya Curls.

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)APR 14, 2017, 9:33 PDT

Recall that the singer and a student of the journalistic faculty of Moscow state University Anastasia Kudashkina is one of the most enviable brides. Her resemblance to Western star often called "the Russian Gigi Hadid". Nastya Curls already won for itself a firm place on the Russian stage and then there is a good Olga Buzova, to "support young talent".

Откровенный наряд Ольги Бузовой позволил поклонникам оценить ее фигуру со всех сторон

Pop Buzova like all followers

24 hours the girls have filmed a video for the song "too hot". The temperature in the Studio apparently really tense. Shiny bodysuit artists and so little covered, and then Olga decided to expose the shoulder strap accidentally fell down, exposing the Breasts leading.

Откровенный наряд Ольги Бузовой позволил поклонникам оценить ее фигуру со всех сторон

Not to listen to. so at least watch

It remains to wait for the premiere of the video, suddenly it will really be something interesting, but half-naked Buzova?

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)APR 14 2017 8:39 PDT

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