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Garik Kharlamov all weekend celebrates triple family women's day

One day was born, his wife Christine Asmus and younger twin sisters Ekaterina and Alina

Famous humorist Garik Kharlamov, under a sharp tongue feared to get almost all the representatives of our show business, very gently touching and congratulated his wife, actress Christine Asmus happy birthday. Star Comedy Club dedicated to Christina sharing to social networks, where he spoke about his feelings for her.

Гарик Харламов все выходные отмечает тройной семейный женский праздник

Christina Асмус

"Here come the birthday of my second half (if by weight, then quarter them), my saprogenic, Actresses, athletes, Komsomol and simply beauty, Kristina Asmus ! My dear wife, I am happy that life has developed so much that you became my wife and the mother of our Nastuha", — Garik rarely reveals his feelings in front of strangers, so fans of the showman it was very strange to read this post. — "I don't know how I deserved it, but it happened. Wishing you good health, creativity, wonderful people around and the mountain of positivity every day. I love you very much!", — posted by Kharlamov. — "P. S. Thank you, that lie side by side and fix a spelling error in this post! Errors still leave. Illiterate is a trend!".

(At the request of the author, here and hereinafter, all spelling and punctuation errors left, approx.

More Garik surprised fans that he has two younger sisters who were born with Christina in a single day — 14 April. Yesterday, the girls become adults, almost bride, but her older brother stubbornly hides them from the General public.

Гарик Харламов все выходные отмечает тройной семейный женский праздник

Garik with сестрами

"And today is the birthday of my younger sisters. Katya and Alina! You are 18. I congratulate you with the entry into adult life!" — said Garik. — "I wish you health, good education, friends and more positive daily. Love you and see you soon!"

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