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Philip introduced me to his "tour wife"

The girl dancers, Alexander Sivkova keeps the artist "under the thumb"

Philip Kirkorov became the hero of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva, where he spoke about his relationship with the dancer of his ballet the Alexandra Sivkovo. An affair with a girl singer is credited for several months. According to Kirkorov, it is caused by the fact that Alexander starred in his music video, where there are very explicit scenes with Philip. In addition, they spend lots of time together.

Филипп Киркоров познакомил со своей «гастрольной женой»

Alexander Сивкова

Alexandra herself, who was also in the Studio, confirmed that Philip spends almost every day working with him, entertains him during trips, walks together with Kirkorov to the cinema, museums and even the zoo.

In addition, Alexander, as the dancer is supposed to be in good physical shape. She watches over the body of the artist, as his personal trainer, aerobics.

Филипп Киркоров познакомил со своей «гастрольной женой»

In trips a girl that trains and entertains артиста

The leading question, is it true that Alexander "tour wife" Philip? The girl answered evasively: "Philip refers to those men whom you want to go. I love him madly". The man admitted that the dancer he is attracted by the wit and erudition.

"Sasha there is always something to talk about, she's smart and well-read girl. She's a beautiful girl, Oriental, strong-willed," — said the artist. "She's such a Tomboy! I like strong women, I'm a pussy".

According to him, in their family home was late mother of the artist, then Philip was directed by the wife Alla. Now home and life of the singer is engaged in aunt Marie, sister of the father of singer Bedros Kirkorov, and on the road Alexander Sivkova.

Philip, Lera Kudryavtseva, and Alexander Sivkova

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