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Children of Philip Kirkorov don't know and will never see your own mother

The artist believes that Martin and Alla-Victoria is getting the female affection and attention

That Philip is a great dad, no question. The life of his children can easily be track by the posts in the social network. And daughter and son are thriving, growing healthy and is clearly in no way aware of the failure. And everywhere with them dad.

Publication of MartinKirkorov (@martinkirkorov)APR 16 2017 at 2:17 PDT

Where and who is the mother of Martin and Alla Victoria Kirkorov? This question exciting many fans of the king of Russian pop scene Philip asked Lera Kudryavtseva during the filming of the joint programme. But he did not answer it.

Publication of Alla Victoria Kirkorov (@allavictoriyakirkorova)APR 15 2017 at 6:30 PDT

When the leader was visiting Kirkorov, I felt that the girl to her stretched.

This fact is the king of pop explained simply: "of Course you liked Alla-Victoria, — he said. — You look at yourself, you live Barbies, and my daughter loves that doll."

Philip claims that copes with the role of mom and dad at the same time. His kids are not deprived of women's care near them all the time is his aunt Marie, children often communicate with their godmother Natalia.

Дети Филиппа Киркорова не знают и никогда не увидят свою родную мать

Aunt Marie always near малышами

A man hides one the biological mother of his kids or different where she lives, who she is. The only thing that Philip said about her — she is now doing very well. The singer admitted that he was with a woman very generous and it is beneficial to remain silent.

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