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Tarasov with Kostenko congratulated the subscribers a happy Easter

In microblogs couple had two touching posts

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov congratulated followers with the spring holiday of Easter on their pages on Instagram. "Christ is Risen, dear brothers and sisters! I would like to again remind yourself and your family, how important it is to be there in time to lend a helping hand and to be compassionate. Whatever happens, to accept, to forgive, to help and to light the light of the world! Let all be healthy, happy and loved, may all be a long, long time," wrote Anastasia. The girl also published his neznaem photo in the blue scarf next to the yellow flowers.

Тарасов с Костенко поздравили подписчиков со светлой Пасхой

Kostenko congratulated members with Пасхой

"I congratulate all Orthodox on holiday of Light Easter! I'm really glad that today's day is spent on home stadium "locomotive" with the guys @t_killah, @amiran495, @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and children who need special attention and care. Emotionally talked with parents, played football (by the way, my team "Lightning" won with the score 1:0), enjoyed the pizza and gave the children an atmosphere of celebration and joy! Let all be well and good and let you care for responsive, compassionate and bright people! Christ Is Risen!" — described their Easter Tarasov.

Тарасов с Костенко поздравили подписчиков со светлой Пасхой

Tarasov on the "locomotive"stadium

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