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Golden youth: the future oligarchs or patients of rehabilitation clinics

Editor Lena Lenina — about how children of billionaires

The term "preppy" originated in France and meant the children of the Nouveau riche, whose future was secured by their fathers birth. In modern Russia, due to a number of scandals in violation of the laws, this term evokes more criticism than jealousy. Young members of this new for our country of the class become involved in the accidents on a pricey sports car or come back at all from elite educational institutions abroad in zinc coffins from overdose. So very busy their parents are, though late, but caught himself and seriously attended to problems of upbringing of the younger generation of the rich. Especially because racing at night on the Bugatti, McLaren or Ferrari — just the tip of the iceberg of problems. The child of a billionaire at any age is a potential victim of a kidnapping, and a little grown up, and all the sects and Scam combined. Not to mention the origins of the threat in the form of ladies of easy and selfish behavior or Gigolos.

Золотая молодежь: будущие олигархи или пациенты реабилитационных клиник

Lena Lenina is aware of the rich all Photo: materials of press-services

I'll try to describe the average portrait of the Golden representative of that coveted, but little-studied class of Homo Sapiens Very Rich. Hypothetically taken as the representative of the Russian Golden youth born in the family of a multimillionaire or billionaire from the former Soviet Union. His parents earned money by natural resources or in new business segments, as IT and telecommunications. A child with his sisters and brothers studied at the elite school with a helipad, SPA and stables, for example, in the Swiss Le Rosé or London Eton or harrow 100 thousand dollars for each year of study. Plus, the family still paid the rent and expensive car with a driver. In these schools the children of rich parents are friends with each other, fall in love and even marry. Their parents encourage this love with equal capital. Because each of the gold children is not only a potential heir to enormous wealth, but the actual owner of a large number of foreign property, which it draw up, and after high school — also the owner of a number of companies and shares. So around these young multimillionaires always a gaggle of the poor fishes stuck, trying to snatch from the table, even the crumbs from the business of cake, though a gold watch, a forgotten drunk by the heir at the pool. And watch kids have not just gold, flying tourbillon at half a million dollars, their crocodile handbags prependbase Hermes or Chanel and diamonds — Tiffany or van cliff. They even make yourself manicure glue real diamonds, making the masters a call from hands are shaking. On holidays they together with their parents on yachts in the area of St Barth, and home to Moscow they carry on their private jets.

Золотая молодежь: будущие олигархи или пациенты реабилитационных клиник

The heirs of billionaires with childhood accustomed to, rosasite:

Frightened by the looseness of the morals of the gilded youth, alcohol and drugs, as well as their crazy unbridled spending, parents trying to teach kids and make them at the end of the universities to work with Papa at the enterprise, hoping for their speedy integration into the business. Or at least in the hope that kids will understand how hard earned billions. Some children manage to join to the parent business, others are trying to go their own way and create their own companies, while others are married and living on parental subsidies for the rest of my life. Another important concern of parents Golden youth, according to the favorite tax attorney millionaires Denis Zaitsev is the property registration and tax optimization of foreign assets. Every Golden child has expensive real estate and accounts in his name, in order to provide it in case of something unforeseen, such as "prison or scrip".

As in any other society, children are not guilty of what they grew up to blame their parents. For example, rich dad that bought off with expensive gifts for the shortage spent with the child time. Or mother, the wife of a wealthy Pope from rags to riches she gives the children a bad example of crazy spending. Yes it is, and not a businessman at all, how can she raise an entrepreneur? Could dad, but he had no time. Some poor rich dad, later recollecting himself, publicly deprive the child of inheritance, hoping to push him towards independence and entrepreneurship, but it only pushes children into bad company.

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