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Prince Harry is about his pain after the death of Princess Diana

The heir to the throne 20 years concealed their feelings

Prince Harry was 12 when his mother Princess Diana died in a car crash on 31 August 1997. Twenty years he kept a secret from everyone as he survived the death of the dearest in his life. But in a recent interview with Harry still threw all the pain that has haunted him all this time.

Prince said that after the tragedy it closed, suppressed all emotions and tried not to allow himself to even think about the death of the mother. His brother William begged Harry to ask for help, but he was adamant. It lasted for almost sixteen years. And only at the age of 28, when Harry began to feel that he is on the verge to someone who's not hit when it began increasingly to attack bouts of uncontrollable anger and hatred, when he could no longer cope with his work, the Prince realized that something is wrong.

To suppress my anger and not to make mischief, Harry even took up Boxing. And admits that the sport helped him greatly. However, beating on the pear and participation in sparring did not solve the problem. And after a heart-to-hearts with family and friends, the Prince finally agreed to seek professional help. And in conversation with the therapist realized that the reason was the sorrow and grief that he had not allowed himself to experience, to suffer, to cry.

The now 32-year-old Harry admits that now he's all right. He's excited that full chaos that has become his life shortly before his thirtieth birthday, lasted only two years. And he's happy that time appealed for help and finally learned to be honest with myself, learned to speak honestly about their feelings and emotions.

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