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Andreeva has shared his secret of youth

Leading showed subscribers an unusual exercise

Ekaterina Andreeva in your 55 looks fresh, bright and very young. It turns out, her secret method to win time is a special Oriental qigong. Leading showed followers how to use in the classroom special shell — three-kilogram stick baths.

Calmness,only calmness!These are the favorite words of naughty Carlson,who lives on the roof.Balance,confidence,Zen-in a word.Good morning-we will try to spend the day without stress.And the impact of the stick baths(which there are some elevated to the status of a rolling pin-hi bad pies )this will help.Stand up on the leg ,the foot will be massaged and will become a good and stress ,because of stop the energy throughout the body .Well, who wants to then rolling in the dough-welcоme,why not?The farm is still prigoditsya teacher. @taijidisciple thinks so Too #health #healthy #us #sport #coach #training #china #tradition #traditional #healthy #energy #balance #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #taichi #wushu #exercise #training #trainer #sport #sporty #sportlife #zdarovabrogyagi #perfect #perfection #leguizamos #followme #like4like #likeforlike

Publication of Ekaterina Andreeva (@ekaterinaandreeva_official) APR 16 2017 10:23 PDT

Many such device reminded a kitchen rolling pin. "Stand up so the piece of wood, feet will be massaged and will become a good and stress, because of stop the energy throughout the body, Well, who wants then rolling in the dough —welcоme, why not? In the economy all come in handy!" — Andreev wrote in his microblog.

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