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Svetlana Nemolyaeva gave a performance

Its 80th anniversary, the actress will meet with colleagues and granddaughter

Today, in the Mayakovsky Theater special day. Played the premiere performance of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky's "Mad money." This Comedy was dedicated to anniversary of Svetlana Nemolyaeva. "Best anniversary gift ever" — confessed the actress.

It turns out that Alexander Ostrovsky is one of the favorite playwrights of the artist. Especially in his birthday Svetlana will take the stage along with his granddaughter Polina Lazareva. Interestingly, relatives were involved in one performance, and also by Ostrovsky in a famous production of "Talents and admirers". There Lazarev Nemolyaeva and played daughter and mother, as in "Mad money" today. The funny thing is that in the allocation of roles Director Anatoly Sulev were not even aware that Svetlana and Pauline, grandmother and granddaughter. "This time I had to play differently mother, not to be repeated. And I am very pleased that Pauline has got such a characteristic role of a spoiled beauty," — said Nemolyaeva.

The only regrets Nemolyaeva in this festive and unusual day, in the auditorium it would not be her beloved wife of Alexander Lazarev, with whom she lived for 51 years.

As reported in the theater, after the performance will be a Banquet in honor of the anniversary of Svetlana Nemolyaeva.

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