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Spouse Kate Middleton have a date with Lady Gaga

Prince William discussed with her the issue of mental health

Today, Prince William had a very unusual conversation. In support of the charity project Heads Together, which the heir to the throne does with his wife Kate Middleton and his younger brother Prince Harry, he spoke to Lady Gaga on the theme of mental health.

The conversation was conducted via video chat. While William during the conversation was located in his office at Kensington Palace, Gaga has chosen a more laid-back place to socialize — namely the kitchen of her home in Los Angeles.

First, the pop star admitted that he is incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to speak to the Prince, and that is a big fan of what he is doing within your project. William, in turn, praised Her for the bold decision to publish in December of last year an open letter in which she confessed to their own mental problems.

Thanks to Prince William & @heads_together for inviting me to join this incredibly important conversation around mental health awareness #oktosay

Publication from xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) April 17 2017 11:24 PDT

"At first I was very nervous. With mental illness is always associated a sense of shame. You feel that something is wrong. For example, I said to myself: "Look how beautiful and amazing your life is. You should be happy“. But you can't do anything about that then in the morning you Wake up tired, sad, full of anxiety and worry to such an extent that I can hardly what to think,"- said the artist about his condition.

"Therefore, speaking about it out loud, I'd say that part of me, and that's fine, — continued the singer. — Open the conversation can have a huge impact. Need to stop feeling wine, hiding and begin to discuss their problems. We really need to do it."

"We need to break this fear of ban discussion of such topics, otherwise it will only get worse — supported Gaga William. It is very important to talk about it and know that you will not be condemned. Mental health is the same as physical health. Don't need to be ashamed of. Even a simple conversation with a friend or loved one can change a lot".

In parting, the Prince told the performer what they need to be sure to meet in person. For example, during her visit to the UK in October this year. "It would be great to see you when you arrive, and chat on how we can further help in solving these problems," said William. "With great pleasure", — he accepted the invitation of Lady Gaga.

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