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Larisa Verbitskaya nearly torn ligaments leg

The TV presenter arrived at the training Center Kosmonavtov

Well-known presenter Larisa Verbitskaya yesterday was spotted in Star city, the cosmonaut training Center named after Gagarin. No, to prepare for the study of cosmic space, the artist did not intend: the star was invited on a tour of the creators of festival of arts "Star" under the leadership of pianist Yuri Rozum. Verbitskaya has carefully reviewed the exhibits and listened to a story about the difficult everyday life of astronauts. And of course, made a lot of photos, that it was easy, because the photographer made her husband Alexander. After Larissa impressed by what he saw, she met with children at the art school of Yuri Rozum, which is located nearby, in the village zagoryanskiy. During the master class telediva open up and remembered some interesting moments. listened to the revelation of a star.

Лариса Вербицкая чуть не порвала связки ног

In Star city the media personality made a lot symtomatically press service

Verbitskaya admitted that one failed TV Service.

"We filmed the program "Alarm clock". It was in the Theater Durova. At first I had a room with a bear when I had to dance with him. Then I had the episode with the monkey we talked to her, she was dressed as a woman. And then I had the most terrible episode with the sheep. When I finally was on stage, I had to get a crow to count, she was trained this stunt to perform. But the trainer me at the last moment, when he heard the command "action-camera" in hand stuff white nasty worms. A handful. And I had to feed these worms to crow. And then, of course, I was so not ready for this, to put it mildly, surprise, I have came such a feeling of disgust, I was so scared that I was not able to appear in this episode," he told the star.

Лариса Вербицкая чуть не порвала связки ног

Has not managed and without funny photographicmaterial press services

Not done in a girl's life from the screen and no traumatic moments. Once she decided to argue with by Hollywood actor Rob Schneider and almost was in the operating room!

"Rob Schneider came to Moscow with his Comedy. He was with me in the Studio. I was wearing flip flops, then in Vogue clogs are embroidered with sequins. And then he noticed my clogs: "Oh, they're so cute!" I said, "Well if you love them so much, I can tell you to give". And what was my surprise when I learned that he had exactly the same foot size — 37,5 — as I have. For me it was a big surprise because usually a man's leg still more. He got in my clogs, and they were like family. And I almost did not go barefoot. I said, "And the splits can you sit up?" And in the Studio sat on the twine. But at the same time regretted. Because, of course, it was necessary to stretch the muscles, and I'm not calculated their strength. Then I had been licking trauma", — said Verbitskaya.

Лариса Вербицкая чуть не порвала связки ног

Larissa Orbicamera press services

Presenter also added that he loves to be at sea because she was born in Crimea, but in 9 months her parents moved to Moldova.

"Perhaps, deeper emotional turmoil that come when you have something to measure. I like a man born to the sea, really love it. I don't have to swim in it. Important to me sea air, the aromas and charm of the South coast, people are a little bit others, more moderate. My home, of course, where I have a job, friends, but I like to go back there. I like to travel. My homeland is a corner of my soul, youth of my parents, dear page," concluded Larisa.

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