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The wife of Boris Grachevsky fighting for the rights of

The Director told about what is happening in his family

Last night in the "Gogol-center" was held the XIII Prize of photography "White square". The ceremony was attended by many eminent persons, among whom were noticed Boris Grachevsky. However, granted he's alone and not with his young wife Ekaterina Belotserkovsky, which usually follows a husband. asked him where his wife. Mr Titov in secret admitted that the second half is missing due to the fact that involved driving a car: Katya intends soon to law and is now studying at the driving school. And did this event, of course, with the filing of the Director.

"It was my idea. Every civilized person needs to drive. I'm tired of risk: why would she walk the streets — let goes. It remains to study it for about a month. All you need 30-40 lessons so she miles on it," — said Grachevsky.

According to the Director, he himself feels good behind the wheel, though he has a chauffeur. Mr Titov hopes that soon and the wife will become a motorist.

"So on weekends she can ride herself, I am going to relax — laughing Creator "jumble". — She had tried out on the road. The last time you drove 30 kilometers on the way to the cottage, drove me. However, the scandal was. I said, "Faster." She Is "Afraid". I began to insist that she was driving 80 kilometers per hour. I survived the ride".

Despite the fact that getting right around the corner, to buy a car the Director has no plans.

"While the conversation is about one thing — she drove. If we buy, it is definitely not going to be something big. I have a car that will go on it," explained the filmmaker.

Жена Бориса Грачевского борется за права

Grachevskiy was inspired by the wife for obtaining a driver's прав

Of course, we could not help but wonder whether the Creator of the acclaimed film "Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony" to use communication to ease the fragile girl communication with representatives of the traffic police in the exam. But Grachevskiy was adamant.

"What? Let rents. Until she will learn nothing. This is a principled position. It should pass, as the driver, according to the rules. Otherwise it may be too dangerous. Besides, I hardly climb in its automotive business, because now busy filming new episodes of "Yeralash" in which, by the way, will be attended by the winners of the children's festival in the "Orlenok". We gathered the most talented children from all over the country, and the most talented were awarded with shooting in the "Jumble". Among them there are even guys that live in the far North. We pay travel, accommodation", — said Boris Grachevskiy.

Eaglet, Boris Grachevskiy

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