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Today Maria Sharapova celebrates 30th anniversary

Tennis player revealed the cover of his new book

Its thirty-year anniversary Maria Sharapova said three days ago. But actually the birthday of the famous Russian tennis player today. And one of the main gifts the athlete has presented the publishing house, finished work on the cover of her memoir, whose name can be translated as "Neoderma. My life." The the books Mary hurried to share in "Instagram".

Сегодня Мария Шарапова отмечает 30-летие

Tennis player revealed the cover of his book мемуаров

"Ahh, finally a cover! At the end of 2015, I decided to write a memoir. This September, these pages will finally be published. That's crazy! Difficult to judge your own work, but I am proud to say that I have put his heart and soul. She is strong, but filled with vulnerability, which I'm not sure I would like to show. Life is a tricky thing! There are no right or wrong answers... This is the best exam! The life of each so special, to say the least... Accomplishments, failures, love, pain, back... the List goes on. All of these I share on the pages of his book," wrote Maria in the social network.

In his memoirs Sharapova talks about her life since moving to the United States at the age of six years and until his disqualification. By the way, on court tennis player should be back next week: April 26, Mary will perform at the tournament in Stuttgart.

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