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Why Nagiyev descended into the subway in police custody found out what did the actor in the subway

For several hours the capital's gossips discuss what they could do, Dmitry Nagiyev in the metro, but still in the cordon of police. As you know, the stars rarely go down into the subway, using personal vehicles. And most often it is not a whim but a necessity, since artists get to know passengers and begin with them to be photographed, to take autographs. Here and TV presenter has admitted that they did not use the subway.

As found the assistant actor Dmitry tonight starred in a commercial in the subway, on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. Had to work all night — about 5 hours. As you know, the transitions in the subway closes at one o'clock and about 6 o'clock in the morning it is already possible to re-use the most convenient and fast public transport. But because the preparation takes too much time, then the whole process started when in the subway were ordinary people. Why was the police who were guarding the set. Again, perimeter fencing exist on any set. This is a necessary measure so that no one else was in the frame or not interrupting. Therefore, the representative Nagiyev not understand all the hysteria and sensationalism arranged around the normal working of shooting. Strange and outrage some followers who publish hateful comments about this. The organizers of the shooting tried to arrange everything so that as little as possible to interfere with ordinary passengers.

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