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49-year-old Julia Roberts has been named the most beautiful woman in the world

The actress spoke about the future of old age

People magazine once again made the list of the most beautiful people in the world. And it was again headed by Julia Roberts.

The honorary title 49-year-old actress is awarded for the fifth time. "Me with papers believe in it. I'm very flattered," said the movie star, knowing about it. For the first time the beauty of Julia was recorded in 1991, when the actress was 23 years old. Then, Roberts has appeared on the cover of this special issue publication in 2000, 2005 and 2010.

49-летняя Джулия Робертс названа самой красивой женщиной в мире

People magazine named Julia Roberts the most красивой

In an interview with the actress admitted that in his youth always considered myself an ugly duckling. And was very surprised when the movie "Pretty woman" has received resounding success among the audience. "People often say to me: "After the release of "Beauty" your life is so changed." And it has become even a joke. Because I wasn't even in town when premiere. I was filming in a tiny town, where all the screens were only "Star wars". And I remember reading in the newspaper: "this weekend has seen the movie "Pretty woman" and collected a large box office." And I thought: "cash Collected? A lot of money? Is it good?“ I really didn't understand anything," says Roberts.

The star also admits that a real fairy tale, she finds her life with her husband, cameraman Danny Moder. "Every day when he walks into a room, it seems to me repeating a magic dream: "Oh, he came!". And I'm sure the best is yet to come".

"What I see myself in 25 years? If I manage to age gracefully, watching my children grow and their dreams come true as they will find their life partner, start a family and give us Danny's kids, which we will be able to indulge, I think it will be the perfect old — says Julia. — I became a grandmother? Oh, my God, of course. But I think, now to talk about this a little premature".

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