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The stars for children award "Main characters"

Dibrov, Mikhalkov, Shelest and other celebrities came to the ceremony with their families

The awarding ceremony of the "main characters" brought together an incredible number of stars that have come the whole families. Among the guests were Anna Mikhalkov, Alexey Makarov, Ivan Zhidkov, Lisa Arzamasova, Olga Shelest, Yulia Volkova and many others. The results of kids vote best actor Mark Bogatyrev recognized for her role in the TV series "Kitchen", and best actress — 13-year-old Mary Iliuhina, who starred in "Voronin," the daughter of the main characters.

Family Dubrovich arrived with one part but it still was the most numerous: Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Pauline and two sons, Alexander and Theodore. The youngest, Ilya, who's not even two, decided to leave the house. However, there he had something to do. For example, to play astronaut in space recently in the star house is a trendy personalized bed design reminiscent of the spaceships.

Звезды на детской премии «Главные герои»

Nicholas Doinikov with deteriorate Avramenko

Nicholas Doinikov presented to the public his daughter Ustinya, born in wedlock with actress Christina Grandmother. Although her mother, the artist has broken up, in its decade-old daughter he doted. Ustino star parents began to take on the set in early childhood, thus accustoming the child to the realities of her life.

Звезды на детской премии «Главные герои»

Daria Kalmykova with semilegendary Avramenko

Actress Daria Kalmykova came to the award with her husband, producer Nicholas Sergeyev, and son Makar, who was born in the previous marriage with actor Alexander Moss. Despite the fact that Nicholas is not the father of the boy, they had a perfect relationship. According to rumors, the current spouse of Dasha and her son met skating. Since then, we became true friends.

Dibrov, Anna Mikhalkova, Lisa Arzamasova, Olga Shelest, Polina Dibrova, Ivan Zhidkov, S. Doinikov, Daria Kalmykova

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