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Polina Popova: Chinese favorite a man and a crown worth a million dollars

The winner of the title "Miss Russia—2017" gave an exclusive interview

Recently connoisseurs of female beauty learned, who received the title of "Miss Russia". He's got 21-the summer native of Sverdlovsk region Polina Popova. The girl plays the piano, he enjoys playing tennis and skiing. She's also behind modeling career and travel around the world. As a reward blonde got not only a crown worth a million dollars and the compliments, but three million rubles and a car that cost also turned out to be only slightly less than the prize amount. The ceremony of handing the car keys was held today in one of the showrooms of the city.

Pauline shone in a floor-length dress with a cut that emphasizes all the beauty of her feet, gladly smiled, signed autographs and answered questions. She was very sweet and seemed to not even fully realize what was officially the most beautiful girl this year.

WomanHit. tu talked with the beauty of heart to heart and learned from it a lot.

— Pauline, you know, what you are waiting for the contest "Miss World" and "Miss universe". You are not afraid to participate in competitions of this magnitude?

— Due to the fact that I have traveled a lot, been to Japan, Asia, Europe and America, I have experience of communicating with people not only from Russia. Therefore, I have no language barrier. I can talk with everyone. No matter where this man is from and what language communicates. The English language unites us, we can chat, share emotions and impressions. I can speak English. Also, when I lived in China, I studied Chinese and was going to go to College. But now I guess I have nothing to say in Chinese. Just when you live in a specific country, all the words are caught immediately enough to plunge into the atmosphere. At the moment I want to continue to learn Chinese. The Chinese do not learn other languages, so this knowledge is useful.

— Become a certified expert on the Chinese language?

— No, I wanted to learn for myself. Well, maybe enroll in College in Russia. What a good idea. Thank you (smiles).

A crown worth a million dollars, you where keep?

— In the safe. But it is not stored at my house, of course. I see her for the second time in my life. First — the competition. Because it is a formal event, and brought it to me.

— You seem very positive and almost perfect girl. Admit it, you have some flaws?

I'll have to ask my family. I wouldn't call myself the perfect man .I have that can be corrected, but I try to fight it.

— Pauline, millions of fans want to know who is the man who managed to win your heart?

— And wouldn't want to talk about his personal life. But I can say that I don't accept that as greed, and love a sense of humor.

— Soon you will be able to go on the new car. You have driving license?

— I have rights. I drive for a long time. I studied in a regular driving school. Decided not to use the services of relatives — mom, dad, brother. I'm afraid, although I have all the family driving. I just said that I would go to specially trained people, so I didn't scream if anything (laughs). Passed first time, despite the fact that it was winter. Although I was always afraid of the circuit. But what was more afraid that something better happened.

— You are from Yekaterinburg. But now, we understand, will continue to live in the capital?

— Of course. Throughout the year I'm going to travel a lot and live in Moscow. Actually, the "Miss Russia" is also work. Now is still to be decorated but I have a work book where the official written title: "Miss Russia". I imagine that's the dream job!

Recall that in a beauty contest "Miss Russia — 2017" attended by 50 girls from different parts of the country. They all had to comply with the requirements of the contest: to have a growth of not less than 173 cm and be aged 18 to 23 years. Also not having pictures of erotic content, conviction, not to be married and not have children.

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