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Ekaterina Volkova forced to change professions

The actress said what problems her discompose

Ekaterina Volkova, who many years ago was married to writer Eduard Limonov, now has three children. The younger 10-year-old son Bogdan and 8-year-old Alexander is just the offspring of the notorious writer. And, of course, busy work, Volkov struggles to have time to engage in their education. However, as in all families, this stellar collection is not without its problems, about which the actress said

— I have a lot of work. And it turns out that in children, it turns out that some "unsatisfactory" on solfege. I am, of course, frustrating. Especially when this is combined with small lies. In music school my youngest daughter, Alexandra, who apparently had not attended lately. She is studying piano. She likes glee, likes to sing. But the FA it is complicated. I try to tell her, deal with it. But the fact that the person himself must want. And three hours to sit on one note or something to remember is, of course, upsetting. I often myself in need of anger management after my educational processes. Something like: "I am calm. All right, not so bad." Education is, of course, a huge responsibility.

— So you became my daughter still tutor for solfege in some sense?

— Well, what -- yeah. And I think that no one but me, it is better not to do. Plans for the near future we have now. (Smiles.)

Екатерина Волкова вынуждена менять профессию

Together with their three children, the actress has been in Таиланде

But I heard that in the spring holidays, you visited on vacation with their children. On vacation although could've done without the grief?

— Yes, we had a good time. I discovered Thailand. I was told: you forever Yes GOA to GOA — take a trip to Thailand. Long doubted whether I'm shooting with a scheduled release time. I expect the editions of the two plays, and the shooting took place just for them. But luckily, these fabulous 8 days in Phuket has taken place. The children were delighted. Just stayed there for spring break.

During the holiday have been many memorable. Especially I was surprised when my son, 10 year old Bogdan, who, in General, can't say that wasn't afraid of anything, suddenly said: "Mom, I want to fly on a parachute over the sea." I was initially afraid, but then I realized that it is impossible to refuse. I sent him flying, it was exciting for both of us. He really liked it. He said, "Mom, I feel like a bird. I realized that the birds feel when you soar above the earth." I then also caught fire, but then at the last moment changed his mind. I can't risk it, given my luck life— I have two editions of the play.

Phuket, Ekaterina Volkova

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