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In honor of girlfriend Natacha Queen danced on the table

43-year-old singer continues to shock the audience

Natasha Koroleva arrived in Prague on the birthday of a friend Juliane. During the celebrations, the singer delighted the guests with his hits. It seems that at some point Natasha was not enough scenes, so she climbed up onto the Banquet table and continued to sing and dance among devices.

Video dance on the table, the actress tweeted.

"When the company is great, and the hero of the festivities allows guests every whim, how can you resist not to sing directly into the table," commented the Queen.

When the company is great and the birthday girl @yulianna_prague allows the guests every whim,how can you resist not to sing right on the table!!!Julia once again happy birthday!!!It was not forget!!!

But subscribers the ability to comment on his act, the singer refused by locking this feature in Instagram.

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