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The stars at the film festival "Movement"

Anna Mikhalkov was surrounded by fans of a selfie, and Alexander PAL shocked dancing

On the red carpet of the festival "Movement", which is traditionally held in the Omsk academic drama theatre, were directed by Alexei Popogrebsky, Alexey Fedorchenko, angelina Nikonova, actors Anna Mikhalkov, Svetlana Kamynina, Anna Saliva, Olga Sutulova, Alexander PAL, Denis Shvedov, Sergey Bezrukov, Egor Koreshkov, Oleg Dolin, Vladimir Mishukov. Competition program of the festival consists of three sections. The program of feature films this year will feature seven films, and the jury is headed by Director Alexei Popogrebsky. The competition of documentary paintings consists of nine films, making that jury headed by Director Alexei Fedorchenko. In the section of short films will be presented ten of the tapes, the winner will be chosen by a jury headed by producer Sabina Eremeeva.

Anna Mikhalkov in Omsk literally torn to pieces. Doing a selfie, autograph, long time without regards for kids from the aunt Ani of "good night, kids!". It should be noted that the good-natured Anna Nikitichna not even trying to resist.

Звезды на кинофестивале «Движение»

Alexander PAL and Jan Glacigenic Avramenko

During performances of "Sharp" around Alexander's firing because of his expressive jumping of the vacuum. The only not frightened to "get under the firing" was a Jan Smooth. Dancing, especially in combination with a straight face Alexander, became the hit of the evening.

Звезды на кинофестивале «Движение»

Anna Saliva and Egor Avramenko Korisceni

One of the symbols of the festival were apples, hospitably laid out for the reception. All the passing will certainly take yourself an Apple and then two, so it is not surprising that the fruits end. And then the production of apples is transformed into a sport. Anna Saliva fight with Egor Koreshkov won the trick.

Звезды на кинофестивале «Движение»

Valery F., Stas Tyrkin, Polina Zueva, Anna Mikhalkov, Artyom Mikhalkov and Sergei Avramenko Poslepoludennoe

The phrase "high five" was on the festival itself used. All the "high-five" with pleasure, especially that the tone is set by the main people of the festival — Valery Fedorovich, Stas Tyrkin, Polina Zueva, Anna Mikhalkov, Artyom Mikhalkov and Sergei Puskepalis.

Anna Mikhalkova, Anna saliva, Svetlana Kamynina Olga Sutulova, Alexander PAL, the film festival "movement"

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