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Brad pitt on love, angelina Jolie, loneliness and divorce

The actor gave his first interview after breaking up with his wife

Eight months after breaking up with Angelina Jolie brad pitt finally found the strength to talk to about his life. In an interview with the magazine GQ Style the actor told about his feelings, experiences and hopes.

"When I became interested in child protective services, I had the feeling that I was put on the blades. But after their trial, we were able again to communicate with each other to figure out what to do next. And we both try, says pitt. One attorney said after the trial no one will win, the only question is who is more affected. And it seems to be true. Because it is possible for a year to build the case and defend their point of view, to prove why you're right and they're wrong, but it will only lead to fierce hatred. I refuse this. And, fortunately, my wife too. Just because it's very, very hard for children when their family suddenly collapses".

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Publication from GQ (@gq) 2 May 2017 at 6:17 PDT

"We decided to approach the divorce process with great care and delicacy because of respect for the feelings of our children — continues brad. — We have a lot to say, and to understand how to build our future, and what is happening in the moment, and to discuss any issues from the past that we had not previously dealt with. And our goal is to all come out of this situation stronger people. Simply no other way".

"After the breakup I moved to a Bungalow to his friend, because being alone in the house was too hard, too sad — recognized movie star. — And came back later back, I no longer felt that it was my house. There has always been very noisy, there was chaos and madness everywhere were voices and sounds. And now he seemed very bleak. I moved to the Studio of his fellow sculptors. They were very good. And let me in your sacred place for them to play with clay, plaster, wood, to even just getting to know the material. And I surprise myself that I like. But doing all this, I feel very, very lonely".

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Publication from GQ (@gq) 2 May 2017 at 6:10 PDT

"But this loneliness has given me the opportunity to understand why and how I came to this. I remember a year and a half ago there was some big scandal. Scandal. And I thought, "Thank God that this will never happen again". I live my life, I have my own family, I'm not doing anything illegal. As said, there is David foster Wallace? The truth shall make you free, but not before you yourself become free," continued pitt.

"I'm not going to indulge his bad habits, to try not to think about it. After College, I can't remember a single day I don't drink or something to not smoke. I'm very happy I gave that up when he married. Everything except the booze. Last year I became a little too much to drink. It has become a problem, says brad. And I am very pleased that in the last six months I'm clean. Yes, bitter by the fact that I'm clearly aware of their feelings. But this is the choice: either you deny them in your life or accept the way they are, and thereby develop as a person."

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Publication from GQ (@gq) 2 May 2017 at 6:04 PDT

"I didn't want the divorce. At least at first. The first desire — to grab, to hold. But then comes the understanding of this hackneyed phrase "If you love something let it go." Now I know what it means, feeling it himself. This means: to love without ownership, without expecting anything in return. It looks beautiful when written. It sounds beautiful when it sings sting. And it's not like when you yourself live with it," shares the actor.

"But there is no love without loss. They always come to each other" — sums up brad pitt.

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