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What connects Olga Buzova and Dima Bilan

The star published in his microblog joint photo

Olga Buzova, which is still suspect in the affair with Nagiyev, already laid out in his microblog joint photo with Dima Bilan, signing it: "My favorite kozerozhek @bilanofficial I'm not fixated on horoscopes and forgive me other signs of the zodiac, but to me Capricorns are the best bulls, rams my people well, and archers, perhaps even stubborn, purposeful, workaholics Dimych, love watching you, and rejoice in your success" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

Что связывает Ольгу Бузову и Диму Билана

Buzova and Bilan published a joint фото

Bilan, in turn, has posted on Instagram the same photo with the caption: "Olga, you're always so positive and good that absolutely understand your fans and friends! Do you charge! Nothing in life is random does not happen — here's some truth! Of power to you and love the one who gives much, needs to be happy and to replenish your energy reserves! Much hugs and always happy and open to you!"

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