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Anastasia answered for a photo Topless with a cat

Exclusive ballerina has told how the animal turned on her chest

This morning a new photo Volochkova has excited the Network. For pictures Nastya is in the arms of the cat, which pushes the breast. All anything, but in the picture she is Topless and animals covers bust. Of course, subscribers stars traditionally started criticizing: "would Maya Plisetskaya these pictures expose"? "It's very rude to act" (spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. — outraged subscribers. However, apparently not wishing to spoil the mood of negative comments ballerina was removed.

However, as it turned out, the Anastasia in this picture he sees nothing wrong with what she said in an exclusive interview. The ballerina turned to the fans.

Анастасия Волочкова ответила за фото топлес с котом

Anastasia does not see in this picture anything зазорного

"What convictions do you see in this picture? Everything is closed, everything is OK. I'm wearing clothes. Well, and that is at the top, if there's clothing or not — think out for yourself. And in General, I advise you to look at the photos of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce. Let's see what costumes they take the stage! Why don't you condemn them? Or the guts? Used to tear Volochkova. If someone gets easier by the fact that he does, his life will blossom the white rose, I'm happy", — said Anastasia.

However, the picture was quite logical and decent explanation of white cat ballerina lucky loves to bask on her chest, as, indeed, most non-stellar Pets.

Анастасия Волочкова ответила за фото топлес с котом

Cat lucky loves to be near his хозяйкой

"He's very affectionate, cuddles constantly and tries to be around me. Here and in the morning he came, and I, of course, he was not to drive", — said Volochkova.

Recall that the cat lucky came to Nastya at the end of last year. Actress in doted: fluffy four-legged is your house in several floors, scratching posts and lots of favorite toys. But most of all he loves spending time with her.

By the way, just learned that Nastia did loved animal vaccinations that he has suffered.

Topless, Anastasia Volochkova

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