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How the stars spend the may holidays

Editor WomanHit Lena Lenina says, what are you doing now Stas Mikhailov, Vera Brezhneva, Anna Semenovich and other celebrities

Editor WomanHit Lena Lenina flew on the weekend to the sea to eat fresh fried fish and to look for their mother country, Greece. From the shore it sends the star friends texting and gets first hand news about how and where the stars spend their may holidays.

"The may holidays — a great time for the Russians to relax by the sea or in the country, says Lenin. Millionaires flew to the sun on their foreign villas, but celebrities also split into two camps — some allow themselves a family holiday in hot countries, especially where has already started the swimming season, others plow on the family, on tour, which for the holidays twice as much as usual.

So my friend, people's artist of Russia, head of the Department of pop-jazz singing of the Moscow state Institute of culture, Larisa Dolina, spent half the holidays with her daughter and granddaughter in a country residence in the suburbs, planting roses. And on may 5, Larisa interrupt their vacation and go to work in concert in Moscow, and the 9th of may in Saint-Petersburg.

But Stas Mikhailov with his beautiful wife and children rest in the United Arab Emirates in one of the coolest hotel in the world and the only seven star on the planet Burj Al Arab with a charge of only a few tens of thousands of euros per night.

Budding in our country Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda can not afford such a luxury, so it is politically incorrect resting in a democratic Turkey. Valeria in Tallinn, Ksenia Sobchak — in Japan, Ekaterina Shavrina — in Cyprus, and Vera Brezhnev — in Sochi. Other celebrities are injected on tour in the regions. After all, it happens not only at New year when people have holidays and to work for him.

So, Tanya Bulanova every day gives concerts and a day can not escape, even to the dacha near St. Petersburg. In the same way as Prokhor Chaliapin, Natalia Gulkina, Rustam Solntsev or group "on-On". Anna Semenovich is preparing to shoot a new video and wants before his presentation to fly to the Maldives to relax and sunbathe.

And Jeanne Epple, like that joke, "all alone", is happy that her "abandoned lover and went to the regatta". Gulni, Elya! Maybe Dolly parton will meet, because it flew away to the sea and appears at parties in Moscow. Not to mention Philip Kirkorov, whose celebration of the anniversary lasted for the holidays."

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