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Victory day: artists remember their grandfathers and great grandfathers, who gave the world

May 9 is a holiday that touches every family

Yuri Nikulin

The grandson of legendary actor Yuri Nikulin was named in honor of his grandfather. This year he is going on a March "Immortal regiment" with a photo of a famous relative. Yuri Nikulin went to war, 17-year-old boy — then was this photo taken in budenovka.

"In the trenches lay in the bombing. From a nearby trench someone said to him: "Yura, come here, we have a cigarette!" He climbed up there and into the trench in which he lay point-blank hit by a shell", — said the grandson of a family history of Nikulin.

День Победы: артисты вспоминают своих дедов и прадедов, подаривших мир

Yuri Nikulin went to the front quite мальчишкой

According to the recollections of relatives, Yuri Nikulin did not like to talk about the war. Only in his book described the horrors of war: in the face of shrapnel cut the head of the companion, as almost froze to death, laying cable...

"When he put on a military uniform, his coat, his cap, his right just made his way, he came back in those years, it was scary and uncomfortable," reports Yuri-younger family stories about the filming of the movie "Twenty days without war".

In the family of Nikulin honor the memory of his grandfather and remember his feat.

Actress Anna Peskova:

"Every year on 9 may we remember my great-grandfather Grigory Nikitin Porfirievich 1909 year of birth. He was a senior technician-Lieutenant, Deputy commander of a tank company on the technical part of the 78th separate motorcycle battalion of the 18th tank Znamensky red banner corps. The corps fought in the 2nd Ukrainian front," said the actress about the hero in your family.

День Победы: артисты вспоминают своих дедов и прадедов, подаривших мир

Nikitin Grigory Profilepictures press service

Last year, Anna went with a portrait of his great-grandfather on the action "Immortal regiment", and is going this year: "If I get a chance, I will again, so email the memory of our great great grandfather who fought for the peaceful sky and our future."

Lora Reznikova, actress:

"My grandfather Viktor Smetankin went to war young and beautiful healthy boy and returned from the front disabled without legs, with a rapidly progressive diabetes and half gray. That way it's the first time I saw my grandmother Claudia: she worked in the Department for the distribution and employment," recalls a family legend Reznikova.

Her grandmother pitied the soldier. Pray for his soul to find a good woman who'd cared for him and loved, forcing him to forget all the horrors of war. She was sure that she sees this guy in the first and last time. But the next day, Victor suddenly came to her and gave a piece of candy. At that time it was a luxurious gift. Claudius realized that the mission to be a caring and loving woman this beautiful, but poor guy now and forever lies with her.

День Победы: артисты вспоминают своих дедов и прадедов, подаривших мир

Claudia and Victor Reznikovskaya press service

"In my entire life I have never met a more happy man than my grandfather. With a prosthetic leg, with the need for regular injections of insulin, inability to eat most normal foods that increasingly became available after the war — shared Laura. — Claudia was preparing him special meals for diabetics, sewed shirts and dresses herself to please his eye... Even eager always be protected from drafts... This love helped him to be strong, funny, charismatic, cheerful, to live a long and prosperous life."

Grandfather his charm, optimism, willingness to help others with advice or deed — became an example for Laura. The horrors of war, it did not break and did not harden, and all thanks to the love and care of Claudia. Son of Lora Reznikova was named in honor of his grandfather, Victor.

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