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Victoria Bonia tamed the Amur tiger

Model walks calmly on the leash of a predator weighing 150 pounds

Victoria Bonia is a rare guest in Russia. In this arrival she decided to visit the capital of the Republic of Dagestan city Makhachkala, where she had arranged a tour of the reserve with the Amur tigers.

Publication from Victoria Bonya ♐ amazing game (@victoriabonya)May 1 2017 3:26 PDT

Big cats so once that one of the tigers she even dared to walk on a leash. Or the animal was fed or Victoria it seemed to him delicious, but they became friends. The model posted a joint photo in his microblog. In the caption, Bonia appealed to followers for help. As it turned out, the reserve was recently born cub, whose name was not yet invented.

Виктория Боня приручила амурского тигра

The weight of an adult tiger reaches 170 килогамм

"Girls, I rarely have something to ask... but today came the moment when I need your support, the fate of small tiger cub, they don't know what to call him. I suggested the name Bonya..."(spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — the girl asked podeschi support her and vote for her in the comments.

Publication from Victoria Bonya ♐ amazing game (@victoriabonya)APR 30 2017 at 9:39 am PDT

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