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Charlie sheen successfully fights HIV

The actor tried to imagine an experimental drug, and satisfied with the result

In 2011, Charlie sheen discovered the human immunodeficiency virus, a few years, the actor took the traditional therapy against the disease, but he just got worse. From the daily "cocktail of drugs", according to Tyre, he had severe side effects, the star was on the verge of dementia.

At the beginning of last year, 51-year-old Shin has agreed to be part of the experiment and to test a new drug. Every day he was injected with a new drug, from which, on assurances of the actor, he feels "fantastic", felt "emotional and physical transformation".

"It's incredible... I'm thinking about how I felt in those days, like today... I was walking to my death and suddenly got in the way of Providence. It's amazing," said the actor in an interview.

The new drug differs in that it includes antibodies, not synthetic chemical compounds. It does not penetrate HIV in healthy cells. Now the drug passes the final stage of clinical trials. At the end of this year it should go on sale.

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