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Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Vladimir Etush happy anniversary

Today, people's artist of the USSR celebrates 95th anniversary

May 6, artistic Director of the Theatre Institute named Shchukin Vladimir Etush celebrates 95th anniversary. On the website of the Kremlin and the government today appeared the official congratulatory telegram signed by the President and Prime Minister, respectively.

"You with honour have passed front roads of the great Patriotic war, after the war he devoted himself to art, was held as a bright, original, creative artist in demand", — said Vladimir Putin.

Recall, Richter a veteran of the great Patriotic war, he was liberated from the German invaders of Rostov-on-don and Ukraine. Awarded orders of the red Star, Patriotic war of I degree and medals for participation in the fighting in the mountains of Kabarda and Ossetia.

The Prime Minister thanked Vladimir Etush for a rare combination of dramatic and comedic talent, his sincerity, emotion and charm.

"To You this day in the hearts of millions of viewers who truly love You," — wrote Dmitry Medvedev.

Also the artist was congratulated by the head of the investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, who is personally familiar with Vladimir Etush, the Minister of culture and other officials. And, of course, today Vladimir Abramovich celebrated his grateful pupils and numerous admirers. joins congratulations, with wishes for a wonderful actor health and long life.

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