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Members asked Olga Buzova dress up and not to shame

Scandalous TV presenter posted a photo in some batches

Olga Buzova resting with a friend in Greece. On his page in Instagram girl post literally every step. Olga on the beach, by the pool, at the disco, the restaurant, etc. Even the most devoted fans tired of so many Buzova.

The apotheosis of the Greek photo shoot was shot at the window where His is in his bathing suit. The picture caused outrage among subscribers. It is not clear what purpose Olga puts such intimate photos and videos. Buzova asked to dress and not to shame. Many also criticized the slender figure of a girl: "Stop your Mosley all over the place to put where your seriousness, it's disgusting to watch", "Skeleton in shorts", "Drumstick and thigh of the same thickness".

Подписчики попросили Ольгу Бузову одеться и не позориться

The love подписчикам

Buzova, as always, the criticism of not paying attention.

scandal, Olga Buzova, naked picture

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