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Sergei chelobanov bed uncovered details of affair with Alla Pugacheva

The musician had all the chances to become the next husband of the prima Donna

In the program, Lera Kudryavtseva, Sergey chelobanov told in detail about the relationship with Alla Pugacheva. He confirmed all the rumors about them more than a relationship.

Sergei and Alla met in the fall of ' 90 years, when chelobanov just got out of prison. At that time he was married, but that didn't stop the artists immediately wash the familiarity and bond.

"I remember that I woke up with one Shoe on a small couch. Face was lipstick," he tried to fix the events of 90-year chelobanov. — "It all started with brandy. Then we with Alla intimately danced a little closer than normal, clinging to each other."

However, according to Chelobanova, he was not going to twist an affair with Pugacheva, and planned only joint work. He hinted that Alla first became interested in them. She paid musician in the 500-600 dollars for a concert, picked up his clothes, gave three-room apartment in the capital.

"It was not love, she just offered to work at my musical material. But somehow, gradually, imperceptibly, not for me, not for her, the life we were put to bed," — confessed musician. He says his wife knew about the relationship with the Diva. — "Allan called her, and said, "don't worry, he's with me on tour, all is well."

At one point, he did Pugacheva offer hands and hearts, chelobanov no longer remembers: "at the Banquet or in bed." However, before the marriage is not reached. Pugacheva has put a condition that he quit drinking, and he considered it too great a sacrifice.

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