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With The Victory Day!

On red square parade was held, and the Russian stars say that means to them this holiday

Andrey Merzlikin played in many films dedicated to world war II. As it turned out, his family also contributed to the Great Victory. "My grandfather, Paul F., in the war, was severely wounded, then was retired for disability. We have a tradition: on 9 may, my wife Anna and our children come to Gorky Park. There are going to be veterans, and each time his eyes welling with tears, when you see this. They need us, our attention, our joy! And, by the way, if to speak about the spirit — that's young at heart really!

С Днем Победы!

Andrey Avramenko Merzlikina

And how happy our children are! Rejoice just like that one feeling of celebration. And I thank all those who gave their lives and fortunes to give us this opportunity to rejoice. We always buy flowers and give them to our veterans with words of gratitude. I think, as many do. You know, in my filmography there's a films about the war, but deeply I was shocked by the picture "the Brest fortress". Acting in her, I felt an unreal feeling — like a really sank in that time. We were not actors, and defenders of the homeland. The days of working on this movie will forever remain in my memory. When my kids get older, I will show them this picture, and others — my favorites: "They fought for the Motherland", "go To fight some old people". Children need to know that we belong to the great people who were able to defeat the enemy, enslaved almost the entire world. On this day we will go on nature, where we will note the occasion. And in the evening we will watch the fireworks and your favorite movies about the war. To remember".

С Днем Победы!

Tina Candelariella network

Tina Kandelaki congratulated everyone in his microblog. "We, as a country, as a nation that survived the most terrible war of the 20th century, must constantly remind the world that no one's domination is not worth a single human life, because any domination will end sooner or later.
The bright memory of heroes. You gave us life, we will give the memory of your deed for future generations to never forget the price that you paid for our lives. With the Victory! On may 9!"

С Днем Победы!

Julia Persecutorial network

Many celebrities in anticipation of the holiday took part in a large project #S. The name of the project obtained by the eponymous song Yulia Parshuta that her father, Vasily Konstantinovich wrote about his mother. "My grandmother, Hope aver'yanovna, Kovalenko, a young girl went to the front of the driver of the truck GAZ AA polutorka. As a member of the 2nd Ukrainian front, under the Debrecen came under attack by the Messerschmitts. She managed to escape, but failed to save his front-line lorry. And in may the grandmother heard loud volleys somewhere in the village near Brno, not knowing that this victory salute... Project #S I bow deeply at the feet of those who fiercely and bravely fought for our country! Those who came to Berlin, and those who heard the victory salute on their front! Those who were missing and those who returned home. Those who served on the terrible front. Those who worked hard on the labor front. Anyone who pulled out a Victory — our WORLD!!! — from the teeth of Nazism! "

May 9, Tina Kandelaki, Andrey Merzlikin, Julia Parshuta, victory parade

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