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Lena Lenina: what the stars do not pay

Editor reveals the secret of how celebrities are able to lead a luxurious lifestyle without spending extra

The life of stars always arouses curiosity. And though some argue that the stars are only in the sky, and pretend that there's no earthly star they are not interesting, they are still closely watching how those dress up or behave. And especially happy when celebrities get in trouble. But it is from envy. If these same people knew how commercially attractive the life of stars, envy would be even greater. And the star of we will allow ourselves to refer to a person, recognizable in every village or village of our country, when he doesn't need to explain, who such Alla Pugacheva, Stas Mikhailov and brad pitt. Yes, the stars there are a lot of troubles in life: they criticize, think about them all sorts of stories attributed to the non-existent sins, rinse in the mud their good names and smear the tar and feathers for their dignity. Yes, and the camera they are thick, adding visually 10-20 pounds.

But there is in the life of the stars and the pleasant side. For example, sponsorship gifts. Every day in the office any malomalski a famous star with a significant number of followers in social networks, messengers arrive with parcels of all sorts of differences and modesty of brands: bags, chocolates, exotic fruits, shoes, creams, makeup, fashionable dresses and coats. They regularly get offers from thousands of Russian designers, are ready to sew the beautiful gowns that the stars will see the General public aired on Dr. oz. And because designers and clothing brands more than the stars, larger stars start to take money to wear a different dress. And even small sosulki can not afford to pay for outfits. Same is the case with jewelry.

Лена Ленина: за что звезды не платят

One star luxury of decoration allow free "to vilify", the other paid for publication in a jewelry isdelete: materials of press-services

If stars and sosulki can not pay for jewelry, then a large zvezdami receive a substantial fee for appearing in a various jewelry for various ceremonies, like the Cannes film festival. And the number of zeros in the checks directly proportional to the recognition of the star. In our country, and abroad.

The same with restaurants. There is no such restaurateur, who would not agree to feed Nikolai Baskov, if he will light its Sunny face of the wall of the institution. Kolya is one, and restaurants in Moscow alone, two thousand, no less. Some stars even take the money to not only eat at a nice restaurant, but praise it in their social networks. Cars famous personalities is also presented, and you know it, or, in the case of the most pretentious brands, give a ride for a few years. That in fact one and the same. It got to the point that even apartments or land in a cottage village celebrities free. To then brag on marketing expanses that in this house or residence's living star. Supermarkets and sites selling organic food in send celebrities home milk, fruits and vegetables. While furniture manufacturers would be honored if in the star house released a place under some new sofa. But if in exchange for furniture star and even take photos on this couch, but will allow the furniture company to use this picture in your communication — happiness producers. Because manufacturers of consumer goods is great, but the stars are much smaller.

Лена Ленина: за что звезды не платят

Expensive cars also get celebrities, Besplatnie: materials of press-services

You could say that celebrities are well settled, if I did not know that on the sun there are spots, and the stars — trouble. And in addition to those listed at the beginning of the problems, there are also crazy fans climb up into the house, and unscrupulous journalists, entered deeper in his underwear and showing of illegitimate children, mistresses or sick relatives. Or worse, shoot themselves diseased stars almost on the operating table. But some fashionistas will find that this is minor compared to the fees for the most beautiful and fashionable dresses in the world.

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