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Oksana Samoilov lost 10 kg after the third confinement

The girl shared her secrets of recovery after childbirth

Recently the wife of rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoilov gave birth to her third child. A girl named Maya. But this week she showed followers her figure in Instagram.

Wolverine in action)))10-11 days after 3 cesarean))I went to give birth 74,5 kg +20 kg during pregnancy)))today -10kg)) will Tell you a little bit about the restoration: 1.bandage!!!girls wear a bandage after childbirth!this is very important)the stomach recovers much faster my brace Verba Hartmann ,he is the best % 2.smudge and smudge again to be smeared with creams or oils to moisturize the skin to the max!want company than I wore this once and will continue for years to come probably))this makeup discovery for me,skin glistening already from saturation))and absorbs well,moisturizes, And generally a mad scrub on oily basis,after 2-3 day not to smudge anything)))who enjoys to confirm that this makeup is for the body very good)(photo flipping from right to left))) 2.immediately begin to eat properly is the most important)) 3.and the main merit of this sport before pregnancy and at least a modicum of during) I'm in the hall of course not yet go,but in a month to start)while only Hiking and lots of stairs with a small load on the hands)) Do 1 and 2 day the toughest out of all 3 times))I thought I would die)))and then sharply on day 3,I just went and ran and so relieved ))doctors say that it is ,after 3, the COP is much faster to restore)))now jumping like a goat for his three kids)) There is one unpleasant feature,each time the suture is getting longer and longer but it is thin and it is virtually invisible,it calms))) ps:1, the COP had an emergency ,I won't tell you why-it's a long time)no sane doctor will not make you a COP only for pokazaniya should not get upset,it's nothing compared to that then you mom))all the heals,forgotten,everything possible to recover and even better than it was BEFORE))I can talk and talk on this subject,but no))) post no ads)from the heart to rip all)))

Publication of Oxana Samoylova (@samoylovaoxana) May 8 2017 7:38 PDT

In the same post Oksana has decided to tell mothers their experience of recovery after childbirth. During the pregnancy the wife Dzhigan gained 20 pounds, and now off 10.

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