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Friend Dana Borisova: "I can't say that she's a junkie"

The owner of the PR Agency Oksana Romanenko commented on the rumors that go around a person's presenter

Today, again, the Network began to discuss Dana Borisov, which is just before the holidays his own mother was accused of drug abuse, and colleagues sent the treatment in Thailand. Now surrounded by the presenter discuss that in this situation the fault is not only Dana, but her mother, Ekaterina Ivanovna. To clarify the situation, went to my friend Borisova, owner of his own PR Agency Oksana Romanenko.

— Oksana, today mom Dana Borisova accused that it was she pushed her own daughter in the Gulf, which said in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov.

— Mom I don't know. The first time I saw her on the program. Before, when I in 2015 organized the wedding of This and Andrey Troshchenko, heard from her — I can't say that it was negative — it was not the desire of communication with the mother. She had not found a common language with the mother. When her daughter Pauline went to her grandmother in the Crimea on vacation, Dana talked to Ekaterina Ivanovna. But to me it was strictly forbidden to let it triumph. And when mom called, then This has always spoiled the mood. Don't know what the reason was.

In my opinion, the problem is hidden much deeper than it seems. Most likely, they have been living in this conflict. For example, mom is not allowed in "Golden keys" residential complex where he lives was Given. Even using protection is not missed.

— Maybe it's because my husband Andrew Trachenko?

— This was a great husband. It is perfectly communicated with her daughter Polina. As you know, other people's children is other people's children. But Andrew talked to her, with her as. We all went together to the shooting abroad to shoot their wedding journey. Andrew and Pauline were playing, she obeyed. Although she is an emotional child, her agile mind. And, in my opinion, it is quite difficult to find a common language. And Andrew were a great find... on that trip, Dana became ill. The fact that she had an obsession: she's fat and she needs to lose weight. When she got there, ate nothing. We had to remove, and she could not get up, her stomach hurts. I went, even for the special stomach medicine. After that, it's a little a come, tsnelisi for the magazine, and again left to rest. And I was approached by Andrew. And began to speak. It was a monologue of a man who is tired of life. He told me that mom got her hooked on antidepressants, that she thinks some real estate fraud and wants to take her apartment. She constantly accused Andrew that he is an adventurer and looking for the benefits of marriage with Dana. And to say that Andrew is a simple man, far from show business. And he married a common girl, not the star. It from it did not need anything but love and family. But he argued constantly with her mother, who wove all sorts of intrigue.

Why is he not involved in all this scandal?

— He's not that kind of person. When the first program Andrei Malakhov, he called me and thanked, "Thank you that you have supported Dana and said that she's a junkie". But I can't say that she's an addict. So to accuse a person, you need to see the documents, the conclusions of experts. What she saw antidepressants. That she could after antidepressants to drink champagne. And such a mixture inhibits the speech. And it seems that she is in a deranged state. But to say that the person is a drug addict — I don't do it. You can't blame the man. I recently talked a little. She called me when it went with Andrew. And said, "will You help me to make the wedding again? I'm getting married, this time a man is rich". The issue was about the man who now tells everyone she's a junkie. And then the question arises: why, if you saw that she was a drug addict didn't help her? Why didn't you raise the alarm? And then Dana soon, I called again and said that they postponed for a year. Then she called me when she got to the clinic: "I am now like you, PR girl". Then she intermittently told me that she's good at...

Dana — people with mobile psyche. I think she is a very unhappy and lonely. All the suitors thought of her as a star and dealt with it the only reason. And Andrew loved her and treated her like a normal simple person. And when he called me after the program, we were outraged. Said it was wrong and why her mother started all this.

Подруга Даны Борисовой: «Я не могу сказать, что она наркоманка»

Oksana Romanenko at the wedding of Dana Borisova and Andrei, Credenciado: personal archive

— Dana's mom have them?

— I think so. She constantly blackmailed Borisov, called and said: "If do not give money, I will tell you that you were in the nuthouse". I don't know Ekaterina Ivanovna. But I mother daughter. And from the point of view of the mother, I would never have gone on television and said that my daughter is a drug addict. I would try by all forces to treat her.

— Now say that the mother introduced it to Pauline to take away...

— Maybe, judging by what I've heard before from The and Andrew. Although the question: why didn't she take her now Maxim (the former civil husband of Borisova and the father of her only daughter — approx. In this situation, no one thought of this poor girl. How she feels in school? What people think about her and what she's told? The child may be psychological trauma when she poke, her mother is a drug addict. And why mom Borisova, when I went on the program, didn't think of that? I don't want anything bad to say. And I can't say she's a good person or a bad person. But after shooting I asked her, "Why are you all dumped on the whole country?" She started making excuses that she had no other choice. But if they are friends with Andrey Malakhov, I would call him and ask for help without shooting?

— How are you now Dana?

— It's okay to eat the beginning.

— It still perceives the treatment as take in the show?

— No. She realized that he was in a place where they treat people. But she doesn't know what she's being treated. In my opinion, it is necessary to treat anorexia., what is much more difficult. From anorexia treat! It is the psychological state of a person. Dana could not eat. Floor banana will be eaten, and nauseous. She could only drink the broths. And in Thailand there. But I believe that in a month, which get identified, neither of which can not be cured. Moreover, the man himself has to understand what is treated, and want it. I believe that This psychological breakdown, dependency on tranquilizers. Her soul hurts. Before the wedding she told me that she dreams about a normal family, to care for her daughter, about her husband. She wanted a normal human life. Now, I can only imagine how she in a couple of weeks back from Thailand. And how much negativity it will evolve. And she will have to somehow come to terms with this history and how to start in this society to live. She will need to understand that it is something sick. To finish the cure. And I think, she had to immediately leave. To visit places of power, temples, sources. To be cleansed of this filth.

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