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How much was the jubilee costume of Philip Kirkorov find out the details of the birthday singer: feast shook the whole of Moscow is not only its scope but also cost

Five million rubles on the invitation, which contained a video message forty million rubles for the Banquet, the cake, weighing four hundred pounds and a suit the birthday child at the price of a two bedroom apartment. It was the anniversary of karkonoski, and guests will remember it for a long time.

Alla Pugacheva looks great in the company of former and current. However, a large part of their attention given all the same Philip. "I still can't understand it, fifty years is a lot or a little? I will soon be seventy," said Diva. Then added: "I can justify everything in you. Even a swimsuit, even the robes of the Pugachev... I want you to fifties years, I realized that the image change is not a change of costume."

Сколько стоил юбилейный костюм Филиппа Киркорова

Olga Kabo and Alik Sohoware Sharlovskoe

Cardboard Philip enjoyed no less popularity than the real thing. At some point there was a threat of disappearance of the art object that many would like to take. Olga Kabo and Alika Smekhova on the cardboard Philip never claimed, but was photographed on his background.

Сколько стоил юбилейный костюм Филиппа Киркорова

Bedros Kirkorov with vocability Sharlovskoe

Bedros Kirkorov, the father of Philip, gladly spent part of the anniversary evening of the son with his grandchildren Alla-Victoria and Martin. And the children were very impressed by the exhibition of costumes of his father.

Сколько стоил юбилейный костюм Филиппа Киркорова

Masha Rasputina and Andrew Malahovoy Sharlovskoe

Masha Rasputin and Andrei Malakhov took over the dance part of the evening. And was very graceful.

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